Is Toyota a reliable car brand?

Is Toyota a reliable car brand?

Is Toyota a reliable car brand?

With so many car manufacturers out there, each one has to bring something unique if it’s going to beat the competition, and considering that Toyota is a world-leading automaker, it’s clear they have a lot going for them. People these days are looking for reliability in a new vehicle, and at Orangeville Toyota, we can provide just that! A Toyota vehicle is one of the most reliable vehicles you can purchase, and in this article, we will explain why that is!

Experience the durability of a Toyota vehicle

Toyota vehicles are legendary for how they last practically forever, at least as long as you perform some regular maintenance at the right intervals. Some companies might not try as hard because they think more breakdowns mean more sales, but Toyota knows that customers prefer the most reliable of machines.

The resale value on Toyota vehicles is high

Toyota’s durability is so well known that people are willing to pay more for a used Toyota than practically any other used vehicle. Over 80 percent of its cars from the past 20 years are still on the road, which means that car buyers looking for a pre-owned vehicle will have plenty of options to choose from.

Toyota is fully engulfed in the Hybrid market

Toyota’s native hybrid, the Prius, comes with a wide selection of body sizes for customers with different space needs. Hybrid engines are also available on the Camry, Avalon, and the Highlander. The market has swung too eco-friendliness and fuel efficiency and Toyota has been leading the charge! We encourage all of our Orangeville customers to check out a hybrid Toyota in our lineup today!

When you own a Toyota, you not only get legendary quality and reliability, you also have the backing of every Toyota dealer’s expertise wherever you drive, with genuine Service, Parts, Accessories and the most extensive and experienced dealer network.

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