Benefits of buying a hatchback

Benefits of buying a hatchback

Benefits of buying a hatchback

There a plenty of benefits to buying a hatchback for drivers in Orangeville. Most significantly space, flexibility, affordability, and tech features are some of the big benefits of choosing a hatchback.

Interior Space

Cargo space is a huge benefit to buying a hatchback. Even some of the smallest hatchbacks can offer lots more storage room than a competitive midsize sedan. When you include split-folding rear seatbacks, you have a compact car that can haul quite a bit. There’s also a higher roofline which can help with larger scale items and headroom for taller passengers. A hatchback generally offers more practicality in a multitude of ways compared to other types of vehicles.

City Driving

A hatchback is a great city vehicle for commuters in Orangeville that have to make it down to the big city for work every day. Because they are typically smaller in dimension, they are easier to handle in tight spaces, and definitely easier to park. Another benefit of buying a hatchback is that they offer increased visibility due to more glass surface area and upright rear windows that give you a better view out of the rearview mirror. These features assist drivers that are not the best parallel parkers.


Hatchbacks are cheaper to buy than other models, and cheaper to insure because they’re smaller. Most parts and maintenance costs are less on a hatchback also.

Tech features

A final main benefit of buying a hatchback is the tech and driver-assist features. Many hatchbacks come standard with more driver aids, parking assist, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for device integration, and better infotainment and navigation systems compared to other vehicle’s base models.

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