Best Toyota accessories for summer vacations

Best Toyota accessories for summer vacations

Best Toyota accessories for summer vacations

Are you planning ahead for your family vacation this summer? When you get behind the wheel of your Toyota Tacoma and hit the road in search of family fun, Toyota-brand accessories have the potential to amp up your summer fun. Many car shoppers who visit our dealership want to know, “What are the best Toyota accessories for summer vacation?” Our dealership, we cater to your automotive needs and with a plethora of genuine Toyota accessories available at the dealership, we will help you find the right fit. In this blog, we share some information with Orangeville, ON, customers about some of the best Toyota accessories for summer vacations.

Toyota Tacoma Accessories 

Get your Toyota Tacoma ready for a summer adventure with this list of Toyota-brand accessories and features that are available at Orangeville Toyota. A Toyota Tacoma Bed Extender will extend the length of the bed by two feet and make room for larger cargo like a kayak or ATV. An innovative Cargo Divider will allow you to protect and separate important cargo and the Toyota-brand Roof Rack is perfect for carrying a kayak or canoe.

Toyota Tundra Accessories 

Whether you are on the Jobsite or on the road with family, the Toyota Tundra is a fan favorite that is available with an arsenal of accessories. Armed with the available Bed Extender, you can leave the tailgate down and add an extra two feet to your cargo bed, making room for kayaks, canoes, and more. If you enjoy family bike trips, the Locking Fork Bike Rack allows you to safely lock down your bike. With the addition of the Deck Rail System, Tie-Down Cleats, a Cargo Divider, and Mini Tie-Downs with Hooks, the Toyota Tundra can handle any and all cargo.

Toyota Highlander 

A family favourite at our dealership, the Toyota Highlander is available with a wide range of accessories and features. Protect your investment with a Rear Bumper Protector, Mudguards, and Door Edge Guards. If you are looking for adventure, the Toyota Highlander is available with Roof Rack Cross Bars that allow you to carry a kayak, a canoe, or up to 150 pounds of cargo on summer trips. Additional cargo accessories allow you to better organize cargo.

If you want to know, what are the best Toyota accessories for summer vacation, then Orangeville Toyota is just a hop, skip and a jump away in Orangeville, ON. Armed with this brief overview of the popular accessories for a few favourite models, you will know what to expect when you buy or lease a brand-new Toyota.

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