4 Types of Toyota Electric Cars in Your City

 4 Types of Toyota Electric Cars  - Orangeville Toyota

Over the last few years, the way that we view automobiles has started to change. Vehicles are not just a luxury for most people, they are a necessity. There are billions of vehicles that are being used every day. And while all vehicles have their obvious benefits, having so many gas-powered vehicles can be harmful to the environment. Because the demand for cleaner vehicles has continued to grow, the demand for electric vehicles has continued to grow as well. If you are one of the millions of people who are looking to trade your gas-powered vehicle for an electric vehicle, Toyota has several options to choose from.

Why Buy an Electric Vehicle?

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, there is a wide range of benefits to owning an electric vehicle.

  1. Save Money at the Pumps

With fuel prices continuing to rise, many people are choosing to switch to an all-electric or hybrid vehicle because they will no longer have to stop at the pumps as frequently. If you choose an all-electric car, you will not be required to make any pit stops, unless you need a charging station for a long road trip. If you drive a hybrid, you will still need to fill up your vehicle's tank every now and then, but this particular powertrain is much more fuel-efficient, so you won't have to stop at the pumps as often.

  1. Cheaper Maintenance

All-Electric vehicles don't require motor oil. The powertrain is also made up of fewer parts and does contain a traditional combustion engine. Because of this, owners don't have to schedule as many regular maintenance appointments. Also, when a component does wear out, the repair costs are usually considerably less on an EV than they are on a gas-powered car.

  1. Tax Incentives

The Canadian government understands the importance of electric vehicles. This is why there are numerous tax incentive programs available to people who purchase an electric vehicle. In some cases, you could earn an average of $5,000 in tax incentives.

  1. Many Options to Choose From

When most people think of an electric vehicle, they think of a small car that needs to be charged after driving a few kilometres down the road. But that assumption could not be further from the truth. Over The years, the EV and hybrid vehicle segments have evolved to include some of the most impressive vehicles on the market. EVs and hybrids come in all shapes and sizes and offer a variety of range options to help fit every driver's needs.

Why buy Toyota Electric Cars - Orangeville Toyota

Types of Electric Vehicles that Toyota Has to Offer

There are several electric vehicles to choose from with Toyota. In fact, many of our most popular models are available in all-electric or hybrid versions. There are also a few models that are exclusively available in our electric segment only. 

Before you can decide which electric vehicle is right for you, you need to understand the different types of electric vehicles that Toyota has to offer. Toyota is one of the few automotive manufacturers that offers four different types of electric powertrains to choose from.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have a traditional gas-powered engine as well as an electric motor. Neither motor works 100% of the time, which means that you only use a fraction of the gas that you normally would with an all-gas engine. Also, as the gas-powered motor is running, it is able to charge the electric motor.

The list of new Toyota HEVs includes:

Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Orangeville Toyota

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

For the most part, plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs) work the same as an HEV does. However, because the battery can be plugged in, the electric motor is able to have a longer range. This will help you to conserve even more fuel.

The list of Toyota PHEVs includes:

  • Rav4 Prime
  • Prius Prime
Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Orangeville Toyota

Battery Electric Vehicles

Battery electric vehicles (BEV) use a high-powered battery to power an all-electric motor. There is no combustion engine in these types of vehicles and you never have to put gasoline in them. All Toyota BEVs can be charged at home, using your traditional house outlet, but you can also use a fast-charging option if you would like. To help give you the most all-electric range, Toyota BEVs also comes equipped with innovative features, such as regenerative braking.

The list of Toyota BEVs includes:

  • 2022 bZ4X (Coming Soon)
Battery Electric Vehicles - Orangeville Toyota

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Toyota is one of the only automotive manufacturers that offer a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). This unique, clean-burning engine turns hydrogen (water) into electricity. Instead of filling the fuel tank up with gas, you will fill it up with hydrogen. And instead of harmful emissions coming out of the tailpipe, FCEVs only emit water vapours from the tailpipe. 

The current list of Toyota FCEVs includes:

  • 2022 Marai

Check Out the Exciting Electric Vehicles Near You If you are looking for a stylish, fun, and fuel-efficient vehicle, stop by Orangeville Toyota today. We have a wide range of Electric vehicles to choose from.

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