Can I buy tires from the dealership in Orangeville?

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Can I buy tires from the dealership in Orangeville?

You love your Toyota, and you want to give it the best care possible. Because your local dealer knows your vehicle inside and out, it only makes sense to take it to the experts. With attractive pricing and excellent customer service, you’ll find, when it comes to your Toyota, there’s no place like home. If you are wondering if you can buy tires from the dealership in Orangeville, then Orangeville Toyota is here to tell you, yes you can! When it comes to tires for your Toyota, our Tire Centre at OrangevilleToyota has got you covered. From summer and all-season tires to truck tires and winter tires, we’ve got what you are looking for! In this blog, we talk about some different types of tires that you can find at our Tire Centre!

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Different Toyota vehicles will have different tire types. A Toyota Corolla won’t have the same type of tires as a Toyota Tacoma. If you are in need of new tires for your Toyota, but you are unsure of what tires you need, then our Tire Centre technicians can help! Below, we have added a list of some different tire types, and what they are designed for.

Summer Tires…

With soft rubber compounds, a low profile and sporty appearance, most Summer Tires are designed for: Sharp steering response and a firm grip on dry pavement, Gripping the road, Firm ride quality, Shedding water to avoid hydroplaning.

All-Season Tires…

Most Toyota vehicles are equipped with “All Season” original equipment tires. They’re designed for: Good, nimble performance in a wide variety of conditions, Long tread life, Ride comfort and a quiet ride, Low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency.

Light Truck Tires…

Toyota Trucks and SUVs may be equipped with Light Truck original equipment tires. They’re designed for: On-road handling and comfort, Off-road traction, High-level performance, All-weather, all-purpose.

Winter Tires…

Winter Tires are designed to perform optimally in both snowy conditions and cold temperatures, providing the performance and safety you expect. In fact, they’re recommended as soon as average daily temperatures drop below 7°C.

At Orangeville Toyota, our Tire Centre is here to get your Toyota outfitted with the tires it needs. Along with a large variety of different types of tires, we also provide a price match promise! Our price-match promise ensures that you pay the right price for replacement tires at all times!

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