Features of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma

Features of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma

The refreshed Tacoma builds on Toyota’s legacy of toughness, bringing even more capability, more tech and more style to this iconic off-road legend. It’s all the good stuff you’d expect from Tacoma, plus a whole lot more. So gear up, get in and get ready to start your next epic adventure. If you are a Toyota truck driver, then you know the quality and engineering that goes into the vehicles. Toyota trucks are known for their reliability, tow capacity, build quality, technology, and so much more! For 2020, the Toyota Tacoma makes a few changes from previous models, but one thing is for sure, you’ll still be driving a quality truck! We encourage all of our Orangeville residents to schedule a test drive at our Orangeville Toyota dealership!

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New Front Grille

Toyota designers turned to the front grille to set the 2020 Tacoma apart from its predecessor. Nearly every trim receives a new grille. The Tacoma TRD Off-Road on display at auto shows wears a horizontal weave pattern as opposed to the vertical one in previous years. Any design change to the top-selling midsize pickup is noteworthy. Still, it may take a keen eye to spot the 2020 Tacoma based on its grille alone.

LED Lighting

A more obvious update on the 2020 Tacoma is the addition of LED lighting. Across various trims, the 2020 Tacoma is available with LED bed lamps, fog lamps, headlamps and daytime running lights. Up front, the lights are positioned at an aggressive angle. The Tacoma TRD Pro even adds sequential lights. The scowling look brings a modernized feel to the 2020 Tacoma day or night.

Power Seats

Tacoma owners do not have many complaints about their trucks. But a common refrain, from overlanders to daily commuters, is that the driver’s seat sits in an awkward position. Worse, current Tacoma seats are only four-way manually adjustable. The 2020 Tacoma driver’s seat is still mounted low to the floor but is now available with 10-way power adjusting. The upgrade could make it easier to stay comfortable on long drives.

Larger Touch Screen

Almost every trim of the 2020 Tacoma will come standard with a new 8-inch touchscreen. It includes a new multimedia system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa. The screen is notably larger with more hard buttons instead of the virtual controls found in the previous truck. Only the base Tacoma SR trim receives an upgraded 7-inch screen instead of the larger 8-inch.

Reading about these features of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma is one thing, but the only true way to experience this vehicle, is to get behind the wheel of one! Keep refreshing our inventory on your computer or mobile device for the arrival of this premium quality Toyota truck! Click here to find out the contact information, schedule a test drive, or to speak with a representative.







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