First class service by Orangeville Toyota

First class service by Orangeville Toyota

A personalized schedule of essential services contributes to a longer lasting vehicle. Get started today by bringing your Toyota home to the experts who know it best. Get first class service at Orangeville Toyota! At Orangeville Toyota, we know your time is valuable. This is why, when you make an appointment, our representatives will check whether the work involved can be completed using our new Express Service. Your appointment can be made on short notice!

We know our stuff at Orangeville Toyota!

Orangeville Toyota technicians have the latest software updates that make your ride run and function at its best, the latest Technical Service Bulletins to help them quickly and easily address common complaints, and factory-trained mechanics who are intimately familiar with, and experienced, in working on your machine. They’ve also got access to your ride’s full history: service records, recall and warranty-related repairs are all tied to your ride’s VIN number, and examined before it goes in for service. Go in for an oil change on your new ride, and you might get a recall carried out, and a software update, in the process: saving you time and making your ride better. Don’t forget about the FREE coffee and WiFi also!

Service your Toyota at Orangeville Toyota for the duration of the warranty!

For many drivers, servicing a new ride at a dealer is a good idea, as a bare minimum, until the warranty is up. Also, forming a relationship with your dealership is never a bad thing, in case you need warranty work or for when it’s time for a new ride. Many new vehicles, including premium brands, include some sort of free maintenance through the dealer anyways, partially in hopes of kicking off a long-term relationship.

Finally, though there’s a tendency to assume dealership service centers are always pricier, this isn’t always true. In hopes of maintaining a highly-profitable relationship with customers over the long term, our shop offers incentive pricing and coupons on tune-ups, maintenance packages, oil changes, tires, and the like.

For more information about our first-class services at Orangeville Toyota in Orangeville, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test drive, or to fill out our contact form.



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