Toyota concept vehicle 

Toyota concept vehicle 

Designed from the inside out, Toyota Concept-i is an exciting glimpse into a future mobility that is warm, friendly and revolves around you. At Orangeville Toyota, we are not just in the business of dealing with high-end Toyota vehicles, but we also like to educate our customers about new Toyota vehicles and concepts coming down the pipeline. Cars are for people who want to go to more places safely and efficiently, and enjoy the thrill of the drive at the same time. Toyota Concept-i and it’s forward-thinking UX hold a mirror up to a future that is warm, friendly, engaging and, most of all, fun. In this blog, we talk about some of the features of the Toyota Concept-i! 

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This Toyota vehicle learns your habits 

The forward-thinking minds at Toyota’s Calty Design Research center have dreamed up a concept of automotive UX that is intelligent, friendly and helpful. Intelligent cars that continually learn, and, in turn, keep getting smarter. Brilliant cars that get to know you and your needs, and then start to anticipate them for you. A bond between car, driver and society that, like any great relationship, revolves around trust and loyalty.   

The Toyota Concept-i is more of a friend than a machine

Concept-i follows Toyota’s belief that vehicles shouldn’t start with technology, they should start, and end, with the experience of the people who use them. Therefore, Concept-i was built from the inside out, with a focus on making it immersive, energetic and, most importantly, approachable. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Toyota foresees an automotive future wherein our cars can connect with us.

The Toyota Concept-i connects with you on an emotional level

Now, here comes the really fun part. Thanks to the car’s advanced automated driving technologies, people with all levels of ability can enjoy the ride. You’re still in charge of the car. However, through biometric sensors throughout the car, Concept-i can detect what you’re feeling. That information then gets analyzed by the car’s AI. That’s when the automated features kick in. Let’s say, for example, that you’re feeling sad; the AI will analyze your emotion, make a recommendation and if necessary, take over and drive you safely to your destination.

Toyota Concept-i is in fact still a concept Toyota vehicle. However, at Orangeville Toyota, we like to inform our customers about new Toyota vehicles and technology that is in the works. If you are looking for more information about Toyota concept vehicles, then we encourage you to visit our Orangeville Toyota dealership and speak with a representative, or go online and so some research of your own. 

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