Ways to benefit from a test drive 

Ways to benefit from a test drive 

In this day and age, most of the car-shopping process can already be done on the Internet. From choosing your car to financing, and sometimes even up to having the vehicle delivered to your doorstep, almost every part of the traditional car-buying procedure can now be made online. Almost everything, except for one: the test drive. Taking the vehicle out of the dealership for a test drive used to be one of the most anticipated events during car-shopping. If you are considering the purchase of a new or pre-owned Toyota vehicle, then a test drive is highly beneficial. At Orangeville Toyota, we are always encouraging our customers to schedule a test drive on our website. In this blog, we talk about how to maximize the benefits of a test drive. 

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Make sure you have nothing else going on the day of your test drive

Choose a date when you can be free the whole day for the test drive and schedule an appointment with us at Orangeville Toyota. Request to drive several cars on the same day, especially if you have options two, three, four, and so on. This will allow you to make a good comparison with your choices.

Have a rough idea of what you are looking for 

Going to the dealership without sufficient information about your car-of-choice can get you so overwhelmed. If you haven’t decided on a specific model yet, at least have an idea of what you want in a car, what features you’d like for it to have, and which type of vehicle (e.g., sedan, SUV, etc.) mostly suits your needs. Jot these details down and bring your list during your visit to the dealership. This way, the sales professional there can help you narrow down your choices to a few that you can actually test drive. 

Get to know the vehicle inside and out 

You might have already done extensive research on this car that you are going to buy. It does not, however, equate to the actual feeling of being inside the car and testing out its feel, grip, and speed. Moreover, it might not be as comprehensive as the information that a sales professional from the dealership can provide.

Take the vehicle out for a spin 

Last but definitely not the least, get inside the car and drive off. Make it a point, though, to adjust everything first to your comfort and liking, your seat, the mirrors, and the steering wheel if it can be adjusted, among the others. Try to feel at ease before stepping on the gas. While you’re at it, take mental notes of the primary controls and how easy they are to use, of how the brake pedal feels, or how spacious the whole interior is, and even of how cool the AC is or how good the stereo sounds. 

The test drive is the most vital part of your car purchasing process. You want to make sure that you are completely comfortable with your new investment. At Orangeville Toyota in Orangeville, ON, we make it very easy for our customers to get behind the wheel of a Toyota vehicle. There are many ways to benefit from a test drive at Orangeville Toyota! 

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