Why drive a Toyota?

Why drive a Toyota?

Even if you don’t think about it, you probably evaluate the type of person driving a vehicle based on the type of vehicle that it is. After all, a sports car doesn’t immediately bring images of the mother of a large family behind the wheel any more than a minivan makes you think of a teen driving his or her first car. Sometimes the vehicle choice is about lifestyle, more than personal taste, but you might be surprised to learn who is really driving the different types of vehicles that you pass on the road. You might even be surprised to learn what your own vehicle choice says about you. Are you wondering why you should drive a Toyota and are looking for information about the brand? Well if so, you have come to the right place! In this blog, we take a look at some of the things to consider when you are wondering why you should drive a Toyota in Orangeville!

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What type of driving do you do?…

Depending on where you do most of your driving, you may have specific requirements. If you spend a lot of time on the highway then bolstered, adjustable seats and ride comfort may be a crucial requirement. If you like the road less travelled and everything the Canadian seasons can throw at us, you may want AWD or 4WD for advanced traction control. Driving mostly on city streets, you may want easy manoeuvrability and excellent fuel efficiency. Consider a Toyota Corolla or Camry, or even the Toyota RAV4.

What safety features are important to you…

Whether it’s just you and friends, or you and your family, including kids and a couple of pets, you’ll need to transport them safely and securely. Plus, if your vacation plans include lots of luggage, or travelling with a trailer, you may need above average cargo capacity, flexible seating or towing capacity and a trailer hitch. The Toyota RAV4 or the Toyota Tacoma or Tundra would be great options here.

Do you carry precious cargo?…

In addition to several Airbags (6 to 10 depending on the model), every new Toyota comes with the Star Safety System™. If you’re a new driver or are building your confidence, advanced safety features like a Backup Camera or Lane Departure Alert may heighten your confidence. And parents will appreciate child safety equipment like Child Locks and Child Seat Tethers. All Toyota vehicles are considered to be very safe with ample safety features.

What about a Hybrid vehicle?…

If you are wanting to take a green approach to driving, and limit your carbon footprint, then a hybrid Toyota could be for you. Toyota’s Hybrid lineup includes the Prius Family – the Prius, Prius c, Prius v and Prius Plug-in, plus Hybrid versions of the popular Camry and the Highlander.

When you choose a NEW Toyota, you’ll get precisely want you want – from the Exterior colours and Interior fabrics to any options required to equip exactly the Toyota you need. You’ll also get the latest features, from the latest Technology and Convenience features to the most up-to-date Safety Equipment. If you are looking for answers about why you should drive a Toyota in Orangeville, then hopefully this blog by Orangeville Toyota has helped!

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