Brake Pad Replacement

What is the purpose of brake pads? 

When our vehicles are in motion, brake pads assist with slowing down or bringing us to a complete stop by squeezing against the brake rotor.

What problems occur with brake pads? 

Brake pads are integral to providing safety through our vehicles. Once they are worn, it’s highly recommended for them to be replaced. If driving continues past their suggested replacement, braking can be compromised, and possible expensive repairs can accumulate.

How is this corrected?

Our skilled Toyota Certified Technicians can take care of your vehicle. They will replace aged, worn or damaged brake pads with new, top-quality Toyota-Approved brake pads.

Is it time to schedule your Brake Pad Replacement? 

We recommend a brake pad replacement once your Toyota hits 60,000 km. The upgrade will boost your braking performance, decrease repair expenses, and give you a safe driving experience for several years.