Timing Belt Replacement

What is a timing belt? 

The timing belt is a part that ensures all major engine components are working in synch and that everything is ‘timed’ flawlessly.

How long do timing belts last? 

The lifespan of timing belts will vary, depending on the age of the part and the distance has driven. Eventually, timing belts will become worn and cracked leading to a possible belt failure which can cause a vehicle breakdown and engine damage.

How is this corrected? 

Once your timing belt has worn out, one of our Toyota Certified Technicians can replace it with a new Genuine Toyota Timing Belt.

Is it time to schedule a Timing Belt Replacement? 

When your Toyota reaches 168,000 kilometres or 7 years on the road, it is time to schedule a service appointment to replace your timing belt. Regular maintenance by our Toyota Certified Technicians will prolong the life of your engine, reduce the cost of repairs and ensure peace-of-mind driving for several years.