Transmission Service

What is the purpose of transmission fluid? 

Transmission fluid is a vital component of the transmission system. It cools and lubricates all components, ensuring that they work together as well or better than new-for longer periods between repairs.

What problems occur in transmission fluid? 

Transmission fluid is a vital component that deals with a high amount of heat, which can affect its lubrication and coolant properties. If you drive past the recommended service interval without having it replaced your car may prematurely wear out or have expensive repairs needed for everything else not to break down too.

How is this corrected? 

Your Toyota Certified Technician will replace the old, degraded transmission fluid with high-quality Toyota-approved transmission fluid.

Is it time to schedule your Transmission Service? 

Toyota Canada recommends a Transmission Service every 4 years or 96,000 km. This service, performed by a Toyota Certified Technician, will provide unsurpassed protection against wear, and ensure optimum transmission performance.