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Toyota All-Season Tires In Orangeville

Orangeville has been experiencing warm and sunny days more regularly, marking the start of spring. At Orangeville Toyota, we’re already in the full-swing of tire changeovers . Now that the weather has been steadily above the freezing mark, and we don’t expect snow for several months (fingers crossed), you can confidently replace your winter tires with all-season tires.

Our FAQ section below, will hopefully provide answers for most of your tire-related questions.


What is the difference between all-season, summer and winter tires?

On average, all-season tires are more durable because they have deeper treads that last longer over time. It also helps them with improved grip in wet or cooler road conditions. Summer tires have shallower treads and function best at gripping, steering and braking on the road when it is dry or hot outside. But, the treads will wear out quicker when the temperature drops and gets cooler or wet. Alternatively, winter tires are resilient because of their deeper  and more robust treads, built for aggressive weather including snow, ice and freezing temperatures. The tougher treads can cut through snow and ice, and still deliver the traction, braking and handling you need on the road. For your optimal safety during harsh climates, we suggest installing snow tires when the temperature dips below +7C.

Do you have any All-season tire rebates?

Yes, Toyota offers a Price Match Guarantee from time to time. To find out the current offers available, please refer to our Service and Parts Specials or contact us directly for details on our ongoing rebates.

Do you offer tire storage?

Yes, tire storage is available at Orangeville Toyota. Learn more about our specials on storage here or call us for details.

Are all season tires good for winter?

All-season tires are not built to handle the winter weather. The major difference between all-season tires and winter tires are their ability to handle cold weather - snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Even if your vehicle is equipped with all-wheel drive, the all-season tires will not provide better safety than winter tires in the winter season. Therefore, we recommend the use of winter tires during the winter months.  

How do I know which tires are good for my vehicle?

We suggest trying out our Tire Selector Tool. Enter your vehicle details and options of the best tire recommendations will appear.