Winter Tires In Orangeville

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We know that winter approaches quickly here in Canada. Before we know it, we’ll be combatting the icy, snowy winter weather. At Orangeville Toyota, we want to ensure that you’re properly prepared for the weather ahead, and that includes making sure you have the right winter tires for your vehicle.

Before you make a winter tire selection, we want to help you be sure that you’ve made the best choice for your Toyota vehicle. We’ve included some frequently asked questions and answers below so that you can make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all-terrain tires work as well as winter tires?

Although all-terrain tires provide great traction on most road surfaces, they are not a suitable replacement for winter tires. Winter tires are designed to handle both low temperatures as well as icy/snowy roads specifically. Winter tire treads are designed to provide greater grip. Overall, they will perform better in extreme winter weather conditions than all-season tires.

Sometimes vehicles equipped with all-wheel drive or 4x4 capability can use all-terrain tires throughout winter. Be sure to consult our Orangeville Toyota Parts Department to find out which tires perform best with your vehicle.

Can I put different tire brands on my vehicle at the same time?

For maximum winter driving safety, it’s important to use tires of the same brand and tread on all four wheels. Using different tires can compromise performance and grip in icy/snowy weather conditions. Using different tires can even negatively impact traction on dry roads.

Can I leave my winter tires on for the summer?

We strongly recommend against driving your winter tires throughout the summer. Although winter tires are designed to withstand cold temperatures, they do not perform well in the summer heat. In fact, you run the risk of a tire blowout while driving. Additionally, winter tire treads are designed to provide more grip on snow and ice. Driving them in the summer will add wear and tear, thinning the tires and, as a result, will perform worse for the following winter.

Where can I find the best tire options for my winter tires?

At Orangeville Toyota, we offer an extensive selection of tires from Canada’s best-selling brands. We invite you to use our tire tool, which will give you the best tire options based on the make, model and year of your vehicle. You’ll also be backed by Toyota’s Price Match Promise. If you find a better price for tires that we offer, we’ll match it.