Features of the 2020 Prius Prime

Features of the 2020 Prius Prime

The 2020 Toyota Prius Prime is the plug-in-hybrid member of the Prius family, and the one with the more attractive, more traditional-looking hatchback body style. Aside from aesthetics, the Prime distinguishes itself with impressive electric-only driving range, fuel economy, and it comes at an even more competitive price. Mono, ON customers, can find the features of the 2020 Prius Prime at our Orangeville Toyota dealership in Orangeville, ON! At our dealership, we have a large selection of new and pre-owned Toyota vehicles that are ready to take out for a test drive. In this blog by Orangeville Toyota, we talk about some of the features of the 2020 Prius Prime near Mono, ON!

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Various Trim Options

The 2020 Toyota Prius Prime is available in three trim levels: LE, XLE and Limited. All share the same hybrid powertrain with EV mode and perform identically, so the differences among them boil down to features. The LE is obviously the value play of the range, but it has a decent list of standard equipment. The XLE, meanwhile, brings a few key comfort-oriented items. The Limited level adds a lot of features that will surely appeal to tech-savvy buyers, though they come at a big increase in price.

How it works

Electric Vehicle (EV) mode combines a high capacity battery and electric motors to produce power. A generator produces power from the turning of the engine, or a Toyota-first a one-way clutch can engage the generator as a secondary motor for additional power, providing seamless acceleration and a top speed of 135km/h. Prime’s EV mode gives you zero emissions from the tailpipe without compromising on performance. Equipped with three different drive modes to maximize power and fuel efficiency, Prius Prime PHEV gives you all of the benefits of an electric vehicle without the range anxiety, with the proven reliability of a Toyota Hybrid.

Performance & Fuel Economy

Toyota Plug-in Hybrids deliver powerfully efficient performance. They automatically switch between electric-mode only, gas-mode only, or a seamless combination of the two depending on driving conditions. For Prius Prime, the result 121 Net system horsepower with 1.8 Le/100km fuel efficiency ratings in EV Mode.

There are many benefits of driving a plug-in hybrid vehicle in Mono, ON. If you are looking for more features of the 2020 Prius Prime, we suggest that you schedule a test drive at our Orangeville Toyota dealership in Orangeville today! Click here to find our contact information, schedule a test drive, or speak with a representative.

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