Brake Fluid Replacement

What is the purpose of brake fluid? 

Toyota’s innovative braking system requires special fluid to operate effectively and prevent corrosion. The high-pressure, temperature environment that this amazing product works in makes it essential for your car's safety when you need them most!

How long does brake fluid last? 

When you think about it, your car is an accumulation of everything that's happened in its lifetime. And one thing a lot of people don't consider until they start noticing their brakes feeling spongy or lose all responsiveness? The brake fluid! If this gets too low—or worse yet-below freezing point outside--it'll have serious consequences on how well, you drive.

 How is this corrected? 

Performing a brake fluid replacement involves removing the existing brake fluid and moisture out of the brake system and replacing it with brand new, Toyota-approved brake fluid.

Is it time to schedule your brake fluid replacement? 

Toyota Canada recommends having your brake fluid removed and replaced with Toyota-approved brake fluid every 48,000 km. Having this service performed will ensure safe brake system performance and increase the lifespan of your brake system components.