Differential Fluid Service

What is the purpose of differential fluid? 

Differential fluid is an essential component of your car's lubrication system. It cools and acts as a chemical reservoir for other oils, which keeps them from overheating or burning up during hard driving conditions.

What problems occur in differential fluid? 

When your car's differential fluid is not well maintained, it can lead to premature wear and tear and expensive repairs. This high amount of heat affects the lubrication properties as well as coolant in this area which leads many people away from their vehicles too soon before these issues have been resolved or even seen firsthand by someone who knows what they are doing with cars like an expert mechanic at our garage.

How is this corrected? 

Your Toyota-Certified Technician will replace the old, degraded differential fluid with high-quality Toyota-approved differential fluid.

Is it time to schedule your Differential Service? 

A Differential Service should be performed every 80,000-100,000 km – or check with your Service Advisor based on your driving habits. This service, performed by our Toyota Certified technicians, will provide unsurpassed protection against wear and will ensure optimum differential performance and low repair bills.