Spark Plug Replacement

What is the purpose of spark plugs? 

Spark plugs supply the spark that ignites the air & fuel mixture, creating the explosion that makes your engine produce power.

What problems occur with spark plugs? 

Your spark plugs are the key to a smooth ride. They deal with high amounts of heat and contaminants, which can affect their function negatively over time if you don't get them replaced on time. If this happens your vehicle will have more difficulty starting up each day or performing optimally during driving - but it might also consume more fuel too since there'll be less power being delivered by every movement thanks to knocking effects from lack-of tuning (which could lead us into expensive problems).

How is this corrected? 

Your Toyota Certified Technician will replace the worn-out spark plugs with high-quality, Toyota-approved spark plugs.

Is it time to schedule your Spark Plug Replacement? 

If your Toyota has been on the road for over 168,000 km or 7 years, it’s time for a Spark Plug Replacement. Having this service performed by a Toyota Certified Technician will ensure long engine life, lower repair bills, and safe, worry-free driving for years to come.