Where can I find a used car in my area?


Where can I find a used car in my area?

Deciding which vehicle you should buy will depend on your needs, your budget and personal preferences. Consider which features are necessities, and which are luxuries. Evaluate a car’s make/model, price, fuel economy, safety rating, size, driving experience and resale value. Another thing to consider is the location of the dealership. Is buying local better to you than buying out of town? In this article, we will be talking about why you should consider buying a certified pre-owned Toyota.


One of the biggest draws of any used vehicle is the lower price point. Purchasing a new vehicle means you’ll typically be paying much more than you would for a pre-owned vehicle, even if they’re the same model. Because the initial price is higher, you’ll have to pay a higher sales tax as well. Most insurance companies also increase their rates for drivers that own newer cars or trucks. A used vehicle is not only cheaper up-front, but suffers less depreciation during its lifetime.


Not every car or truck meets the strict requirements necessary to be considered a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle. Toyota requires each potential TCUV to meet certain standards, ensuring you’re sold the most reliable pre-owned vehicle possible.

Rigorous 160-Point Quality Assurance Inspection

Prior to sale, the vehicle is required to be fully reconditioned by Toyota factory-trained technicians. Only the best Toyotas receive the stamp of approval. This inspection assesses the condition of every mechanical component of the vehicle from bumper to bumper, as well as the appearance of both the exterior and interior. Toyota has high requirements for vehicles to be able to pass this inspection test to ensure that all CPO vehicles meet a minimum standard for quality.

Toyota-Backed Warranty Coverage

All Certified Pre-Owned Toyota vehicles are fully backed by a 6-month / 10,000 km powertrain warranty with a $0 deductible, honoured by over 1,500 Toyota dealers in Canada and the US. If anything goes wrong with your vehicle’s powertrain, simply bring it into any Toyota Authorized Dealership, and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

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