Why should I lease a Toyota?

Why should I lease a Toyota?

The financing journey of purchasing a new (or new-to-you) car can be downright nightmare-inducing at the worst of times. But, with a little research on the part of the buyer mixed with friendly and knowledgeable finance staff, the process can actually go smoothly. One of the decisions that buyers will have to make before their purchase is whether to lease or buy. Any option you choose to get into a Toyota vehicle is a great option, however, if you are looking for information about leasing a vehicle specifically, Orangeville Toyota has the information you need. There are many benefits that can be experienced when you choose to lease a Toyota vehicle from our dealership. In this blog, we talk about a few of those benefits. 

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Experience lower monthly payments with a lease 

In most cases, a lease agreement will result in a smaller monthly payment. This is because with a car loan you are financing the entire cost of the vehicle and with a lease you are financing the depreciation of the vehicle over however many years you are leasing it. The remainder of the vehicle cost is incurred by the dealership and/or a new lessee. If you have a certain budget in mind for your monthly payments, in most cases, your Toyota service manager can work with you to achieve your payment goals. 

You don’t have to worry about selling your vehicle 

One of the major reasons why people choose to lease a vehicle is because they don’t have to worry about selling the vehicle when they want to get behind the wheel of something new. You don’t have to worry about price haggling or trying to find someone to buy your vehicle, having your car repaired and cleaned fully before you sell it, the list goes on and on. Additionally, If you purchase a vehicle (and pay off the loan) then the vehicle is yours to do with what you wish. If you ever wanted to get rid of the vehicle you would need to figure out a trade-in or sale. The end of a lease is much simpler. You conveniently hand over the keys to the dealership and walk away.

You can get all the latest technology in a new Toyota vehicle 

When leasing a car you have a predetermined time frame of use that is usually shorter than the time frame of ownership for people who purchase. For example, you may have a three-year lease and your neighbour who purchased their vehicle may drive it for six years. You will be in a new modern vehicle three years sooner than them and your vehicles will stay up-to-date with modern technology. Leasing allows you to get behind the wheel of something newer a lot quicker. 

If you are still looking for reasons why you should consider leasing a Toyota vehicle, then we encourage you to visit our Orangeville Toyota dealership and speak to a representative. Our associates are more than willing to answer any of your leasing questions and point you in the right direction. 

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